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Milan Medical Center is a medical center dedicated to the international community of Milan and is the place where to find doctors committed to both your physical and psychological well-being.

The approach to treatment is based on years of experience and on the ability to work as a team.

Here you will find an welcoming and open environment, particularly "sensitive" to the needs of foreign patients.


A new french General Practicioner in our staff - 27.03.2014

Dr. Anne Pradel – Besse de Laromiguiere is a physician and specialist in nutrition with great international experience. She has been working for years with the French community at the Medicare français in London and, later, in Dubai at “ISIS-the French clinic” and “The Clinic”. Her collaboration with Milan Medical Center enriches the team of Internal Medicine of our center and gives us the opportunity to offer the French community the possibility to have a native French general practitioner taking care of you and your family.

Healing with Homeopathy - 10.01.2014

Dr. Rossana Ceriani, homeopath, enriches the depth and breadth of our medical team by offering our clients a well-recognized alternative to “western” medicine. Homeopathic medicine is based on the use of diluted and enhanced substances from the natural world which traditional medicine has known and used for centuries. Classic homeopathy is a diagnostic and therapeutic method of healing which aims to find the natural remedy best suited to each individual. It can be useful for patients of any age and has no collateral effects. It’s particularly effective in the prevention of recurring respiratory infections, food allergies and intollerances, skin diseases and headache.

Bigger and Better: the space your health deserves - 13.12.2013

We’ve restructured and expanded the Milan Medical Center, adding more than 100 square meters of space to more efficiently meet the needs of our medical team and our patients. You’ll be pleased to find more examination and treatment studios, additional diagnostic instruments and a comfortably spacious reception area - all here, whenever you need it.

Vascular surgery - 15.09.2013

Dr. Sabrina Albanese, the Center’s specialist in vascular surgery and angiology, is dedicated to the care, diagnosis and prevention of vascular and arterial disease. Patients can arrange appointments with her for specialized treatment or for diagnostic exams. Using Color Doppler Ultrasound, a non-invasive technology, allows the discovery of a wide range of disorders including varicose veins, aneurisms, stenosis and other arterial dysfunctions and is a fundamental tool in the prevention of stroke, particularly for those suffering from arterial hypertention, high colesterol or diabetes. As in other medical specialties, anticipation and prevention are the keys to an ethical and sustainable medical approach.

Genetics? We have the answers – 25.02.2012

A new medical genetics service is now available at the Milan Medical Center to help in screening, diagnosis and counselling for hereditary diseases and to provide information and guidance to all couples planning a family or to women pregnant at the very early stage of gestation. Much can be done at present to assess the reproductive risk and, if required, to implement prenatal screening and molecular laboratory tests. Our specialists will offer an initial interview to define, by reviewing family pedigree and medical history, individual risk factors and plan the most appropriate diagnostic test to reduce as much as possible their possible influence. Nutritional and life style habits will be reviewed and, if necessary, modifications will be recommended. Folic acid supplementation will also be discussed.

Four new doctors in our staff - 30.11.2011

This year the Medical Center has celebrated its 6th birthday. Our center is now well known among the expat population of Milan. The kind of assistance offered to our patients has made leaps forward. We have invested in the most modern technology but first and foremost our medical staff has gone from strength to strength and in just a last few months four more doctors have joined us: Stefania Paesani (pediatrics), Emanuela Raimondo (orthopaedics and traumatology), Jutta Beltz (psychiatry and psychotherapy) and Etienne Philippe (physiotherapy). Welcome aboard !

Ultrasound-assisted physical examination – 1.05.2011

Now Milan Medical Center offers an echography service on site. A brand new ultrasound machine is available for abdominal/thyroid scans and Ob/Gyn/urology scans. The center offers a modern approach to the patient visit: the Ultrasound-assisted physical examination, through which the General Practitioner is able to provide an immediate response to specific clinical issues.

A new shine to your teeth - 01.06.2010

After having tested a number of different treatment modalities, in May 2010 Milan Medical Center introduced a new halogen lamp teeth-whitening treatment. The treatment involves a single 30 minute sitting at the Center plus a kit to continue the treatment at home.


Telephone contact number for emergencies: 338 16 51 324.

If no-one is available to take your call, please leave a message on our answering machine and you will be called back as soon as possible.


Milan Medical Center

via Angelo Mauri 3
20144 Milano

(Corso Vercelli area).
5 minutes from Cadorna Station.
Metro MM1 Conciliazione
MM1 Pagano.
Tram 16, 29, and 30.
Bus 61.

tel. 02 43 99 04 01
fax 02 43 98 98 00

Information and appointments
tel. 02 43 99 04 01

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