In 2006, Ute Samtleben and Ercole Montefusco decided to establish a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic in Milan based on new model of medical assistance; one with a strong focus on the needs of the international community. They envisioned a place where respect and understanding for the patient, medical expertise and new technologies would come together in perfect balance.

The experiment worked. Over the years, Milan Medical Center has grown to become the point of reference within the city for patients of all ages, origins and social backgrounds. It has correspondingly become a hub for doctors who share the view that it is not just results that count, but also how they are achieved. Its success owes much to the centre’s organisational methods, such as shared clinical records for each patient, teamwork between the doctors, and knowledge of the Italian Health System.

Dr Ute Samtleben and Dr Ercole Montefusco – Milan Medical Center MilanoMD Ute Samtleben and MD Ercole Montefusco

Ute Samtleben ed Ercole Montefusco
Ute Samtleben ed Ercole Montefusco


At Milan Medical Center, all doctors speak fluent English. Many of them also speak additional languages, as does the organisational staff. There is an open, friendly atmosphere in which everyone is greeted with a smile and sympathetic ear. These features have all contributed to creating a place sensitive to the needs of those far from home; a place where one feels welcome and understood.

This way of taking care of people, above and beyond the purely professional aspect, has been extended to include Italian patients. At Milan Medical Center, everybody can enjoy a doctor-patient relationship based on cooperation and empathy. Afterall, Milan is a city with a talent for observing, learning and embracing positive global trends.

Credits: Monica Giudice.


Doctors at Milan Medical Center have a comprehensive approach towards each patient, building upon a series of diagnoses and treatments, tailored to their individual profile. To do this, they continuously share information, discuss case studies and make joint decisions. In other words, they work as a true team. This allows them to offer rapid and effective treatment solutions to all kinds of medical conditions.